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Friday, 14 December 2018 19:43

A Good Time to Consider a Donor-Advised Fund

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For those charitably inclined, now is a good time to consider making a multi-year charitable contribution to a donor-advised fund (DAF) that can in turn be distributed over multiple years. First some background on why these are more popular and how it may work for you.
Wednesday, 14 November 2018 19:39

Delaying Social Security

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If you've spent your whole life working and paying into the Social Security system, your gut reaction might be to cash in on the benefits ASAP. As a matter of fact, more people file as soon as they're eligible than any other time. But is that really the best move?
Friday, 12 October 2018 19:34

Financial Priorities Other than Investing

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It's easy to get caught up in investment decisions. How much should I be saving? How is the market affecting me? What funds am I invested in? Does my allocation still make sense? It can be confusing and stressful, and it comes as no surprise that many of the questions we get are investment-related.
Saturday, 29 September 2018 21:24

Baby Has Arrived...Now What?

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In 2017, the U.S. Census stated that a new baby was born in the United States every eight seconds. I’m not sure what the numbers will look like for 2018, but my family is now part of the statistics! We welcomed a baby boy into our family last month. A new dependent brings immense responsibilities, so I want to note all the items I am addressing in case it is helpful for other families.
Tuesday, 27 March 2018 13:32

19 Questions to Ask Your Advisor

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When it comes to getting help with your money, you want to work with someone you know, someone who knows you and your financial needs, someone that you trust. Establishing that type of mutual understanding doesn’t happen immediately; it takes time to discover how advisors and their firms do business. Of course, making those discoveries can be difficult and uncomfortable. How do you know what to ask? What are appropriate questions?

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