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Have I saved enough

The amount you THOUGHT was a good goal when you were 30 may be woefully short. Let us help you maximize your savings.

Indianapolis-based WealthPoint Advisors serves high net-worth individuals, providing a personalized, systematic approach to wealth management. We pride ourselves on the long-term relationships we develop with our clients that begins with a five-step, 90-day process.  

WealthPoint Advisors begins with an initial discovery meeting that gathers all financial documentation, statements of net worth, etc., from which we create an initial investment plan strategy. We fully review that strategy in our second meeting and allow for any corrections or adjustments that additional information may prompt. A third meeting is a "mutual commitment meeting" at which time both our clients and our team confirm the goals and outcomes of the investment plan. A 45-day follow up meeting reviews all of the account information and paperwork as the process moves ahead. At the 90-day mark, a progress meeting is scheduled to review the progress and implementation of our wealth management plan.